Ice Clear Lake City, Texas

Ice Express is Your Professional Ice Supplier in the Clear Lake area.  We Deliver!

Ice Delivery to Clear Lake City, Texas

Ice Express is the premier emergency and special event ice distributor in the Clear Lake City Area.

Wholesale & Retail Ice Services

We sell to both wholesale and retail ice clients.  Ice Express sells 40 pound bags of premium quality ice made with bottle water quality water and dry ice thru a rapid 1 hour delivery system.  We have minimum orders on deliveries according to distance.

Ice Delivery

Clear Lake Special Event Ice Service

Special Events are our specialty! From distributing ice to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo to blowing 300,000 pounds of fresh snow for a Christmas party at your church to delivering a mobile ice trailer with 1,000 pounds of ice for your company’s picnic. Ice Express gets the job done!

Ice Express also manufactures a quality crystal clear 240 pound solid block of ice. We make 10 pound solid ice blocks with bottle water quality water for snow cone shavers. Our company is the only ice company offering 40 pound solid ice blocks for extended use for hunting and fishing trips or just a day at the beach.

We are your friend in the ice business. If we can’t help you, we probably know someone that can.

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