Snow Blowing Prices

Prices Effective 08/01/2016

(Prices are subject to change without notice.)

Number Of Bags

Snow Amount

Price Per Pound

Area Size

Total Cost



4,000 Pounds*

19.75 Cents

15' x 15'

$ 790.00

* Limited Delivery Area


10,000 Pounds

16.0 Cents

24' x 20'

$ 1,600.00



15,000 Pounds

14.75 Cents

30' x 24'

$ 2,137.50



20,000 Pounds

13.0 Cents

32' x 30'

$ 2,600.00



30,000 Pounds

13.0 Cents

45' x 25'

$ 3,900.00

* + $500 Delivery Charge


40,000 Pounds

13.0 Cents

60' x 40'

$ 5,200.00

* + $500 Delivery Charge

Snow thickness is approximately 6 inches to 12 inches

Minimum Order 10,000 Pounds on Fridays & Sundays in December Only
Minimum Order 20,000 Pounds on Saturdays in December Only


  • Due to transportation cost increases there is a $500.00 charge on orders 30,000 lbs. and above
  • Limited Delivery Area for 4,000 pounds - Within a 25 mile radius of Ice Express at 8257 Gulf Freeway, 77017. Additional charges will apply.
  • Larger quantities are available that are not listed. Please call 713-941-7733 to inquire.
  • Prices listed above are for Houston, Texas area.
  • Snow blowing outside of the Houston area is available. Please call to inquire. Additional charges will apply.
  • All prices are subject to sales tax. Tax exemption form must be provided when placing the order.
  • Refreshing is done by appointment only. $200.00 per hour plus the cost of snow.
  • An advanced written cancellation notice must be received two weeks prior to your event or you will lose your deposit.
  • Ice Express will do its best to reschedule your event but there are no guarantees of availability due to prior scheduled commitments.
  • OFF ROAD - Due to the size and weight of equipment, Ice Express WILL NOT go off unpaved or unstable surfaces.

How to Reserve My Snow Party

DATE & TIME: Call to check availability of the date and time for your event.

SITE SURVEY: Call to schedule an appointment. Ice Express will come to your site to help determine the following: safety of area, amount of snow needed, and that equipment is accessible to the location.

SERV. AGREEMENT: Fill out completely. Including hold harmless clause, initial the bottom of each page, sign, date, and payment method is required.

DEPOSIT: $100.00 Non-refundable deposit is required for reserving your exact time, date & location for your event. Deposit will be due upon signing service agreement..


Please call for more information about snow parties please call 713-941-7733 or click here to request more information.

Snow Party Agreements

Please click here to find out snow blowing agreements.