Tons Of Fun With Bagged Snow

Snow Parties can be expensive or maybe you just don’t want that much snow. We’ve made it easy! You can order 40 pound bags of snow, pick it up and spread it yourself.

Our helpful staff can put the fresh snow in 40 pound plastic bags or directly into your favorite ice chest.

Perfect for Snow Cones TOO!

This bagged snow can also be used for snow cones. Please visit our snow cone page for more information.

Transporting the Bagged Snow

It’s important to take care of your snow! Bring sleeping bags or maybe heavy quilts or blankets to transport to your location.

Order In Advance

Remember you must order in 48 hours in advance and pre pay for your snow. We will have it ready for you and your snow party event.

Please call 713-941-7733 to order bagged snow.

EZ Pickup 

Visit our central Houston location

It’s Easy To Get Started!