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Snow Cone Supplies

Ice Express‘ friendly staff will assist you with all your snow cone supply needs including FRESHLY bagged SNOW !!

One Gallon Chuy’s Snow Cone Syrup
This is a premium brand and our customers really like it.
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Plastic Pumps for Syrups
Sturdy and easily washable with warm water to reuse at your next party. Pumps one ounce of liquid with each full stroke. Fits one gallon bottles.

Nestle La Lechera
Sweetened Condensed Milk
Use as a topping for snow cones

8 inch Plastic Spoon Straws
Drink with a straw or scoop with the spoon. 200 per box unwrapped. 8″ x 1/4″ diameter.

Styrofoam Cups 8oz. & 12oz
Heavy duty 8 oz. sold in 25 packs/ 500 packs / 1000 pack case 12 oz. sold in 40 pack and 1000 pack case

Fresh Shaved Snow
Bagged While You Wait Perfect for snow cones, margaritas and small snow parties.

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7.4 ounce bottle of Spicy or Chile Powder
Add that extra zing to your frozen treat and make a good snow cone a great snow cone.

Made of sturdy plastic  you can scoop the amount  of snow that is needed to  make the perfect snow cone .

10 Pound Solid Block Ice
Made with Culligan filtered water and frozen in the bag so no human hand touches it. This ice is solid and will outlast 10 pounds of regular ice by 2-3 times because it is denser and has less surface area than cubed ice.

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10 LB Block Ice

ounce plastic bottles
clear bottles to show the brilliant color in your snow cone syrup.

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