Perfect Set for Directors and Producers

Participated in commercials for Walmart, Krispy Kreme, Hardi Plank, just to name a few.

Ice Express can blow over 300,000 pounds of ice if needed.

Perfect Snow for the Perfect Set

We work behind the scenes at some of the largest grocery stores in the world to provide the perfect snow design. We also provide the Snowflake Machine on a HOT October day in Houston.

  • We have also appeared on HGTV.
  • We have work with YouTubers channels like Unspeakable and with American rapper Paul Wall.
  • The company has the experience and professionalism necessary to get the job done.
  • Manolo Iceman produced his Zoom video in our location.
  • Participated in movies like The Rookie, The Alamo, and Mahamad Ali.
  • Ice Express is registered with the Texas Motion Picture Alliance.

Please call for more information about snow for movie sets.  Please call 713-941-7733 or click here to request more information about snow parties.

Manolo Iceman
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