Fun Snow Parties!

Snow parties are one of the many specialized services Ice Express offers to both residential and commercial clients. Our state of the art snowmaking equipment can quickly and convincingly transform your home into an enchanted winter wonderland. We provide snowmaking services for everything from birthday parties and Christmas parties to commercial and motion picture shoots. Take a look at our snow party gallery to view examples of our past snowmaking projects.

Got a Hill?
Snow slides are a blast! If you have a hill maybe we can utilize that or you can rent a snow slide from us.

Backyard Snow Party Houston
Snow In Houston - Have A Snow Party

Snow Rules

Because We Care…

  • Stay Back Do not play in the snow until Ice Express is complete (Parents it is up you to restrain your children or we cannot continue to blow the snow because of the safety factor).
  • Do not PLAY or Stand by the snow blowers or trucks while they are running. Adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Do not allow larger children to pick on the smaller children.
  • Do not aim above the shoulders or for the face when throwing snow.
  • Bring warm gloves and shoes.
  • Bring an extra pair of pants, socks, and shoes.

Average Layout

Due to the size of our snow equipment, we need close access to the proposed property.


Please call for more information about snow parties please call 713-941-7733 or click here to request more information about snow parties.

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