Rent a snowflake machine for that “SNOWING” feeling!

‘Snobiz’ is a biodegradable product that is used in the movies for snow effects

Here it is pictured on top of some bushes along side our blown snow on the ground.

‘Snobiz’ on the roof of these 2 houses

Our blown snow does not stick very well to trees or bushes because of the temperature. ‘Snobiz’ will last till it rains.

Parts List for Snow Flaker
Machine Rental from Ice Express

  1. 1 Snow Flake Machine
  2. 1 Remote
  3. 1 Pedestal to hold Machine
  4. 1 Stand to hold Pedestal
  5. 1 Sand bag
  6. 1 Ratchet Strap to hold Machine to Pedestal
  7. 1 Extension Cord
  8. 1 or more gallons of Snow Fluid
Instructions on HOW to setup and operate

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Snow flaker machine rental and snow fluid!

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