Frequently Asked Questions About Our Snow Parties

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Due to the size of our snow equipment, we need close access to the proposed property.


1.) How long does it last in Houston’s weather? 
Our “SNOW” is man-made from ice processed through a special machine to achieve a quality close to God’s snow. Ice Express’ snow and real snow both start to melt at a temperature of 32 degrees and the warmer the faster. Most of our Snow Jobs can last a minimum of several hours up to the next day or days depending on the weather and conditions. The worst is rain. We can blow in the rain but do not suggest it for your sake unless you have a tent to shield it and your party from the rain. Snow is a natural insulator and will help insulate itself BUT thickness, volume, number of children playing and their frequency of action along with weather conditions all contribute to the demise of snow.

2.) Can you blow snow anywhere? 
NO, we are limited! Ice Express will try to meet your needs as long as it is safe and legal. We will not drive off the concrete on to grass because we may sink. This is especially true in December when our schedule is very tight. It costs about $575.00 to have a large commercial wrecker pull out one of our trucks and can become up to $1,200.00. It also leaves a large nasty hole that we cannot be responsible for. If you insist on driving off concrete and we get stuck, YOU are responsible for the wrecker bill and will be asked to sign an “Off Road Responsibility Agreement”.

3.) Can the snow hurt someone?
YES! You can drop a ton (2,000 lbs.) of feathers on someone and it will hurt them bad. Snowball throwing should only be done below the shoulders and you can slip and fall on the snow and surrounding areas. You will sign a “Hold Harmless” for Ice Express as we are only responsible for blowing the snow. Children will play and get hurt normally and a snow party is no different. Please read our “Snow Rules”.

4.) Does it hurt the grass?
Ice Express has blown over 30 million pounds of snow (70% on grass) and has never had a problem. We know schools, homes, and churches often have very expensive grasses. BUT IT IS ONLY FROZEN WATER. It actually helps the grass because it soaks into the ground slowly. However, we suggest you restrict activity while it is melting.

5.) How much snow do I need?
IN OUR PRICING we give the approximate area sizes.
Example: 4,000 pounds of snow equals an area 15′ x 15′ but it can cover more or less. Please understand you will get 4,000 pounds of snow and the thicker the job is blown the less area you have. Also the thinner the blow the more area you can cover but the thinner the faster the snow melts.

15′ x 15′ size job: Take a tape measure and where you want your snow, mark off 15 feet and at a 90% angle mark off another 15 feet. Then you can imagine the area size. Imagine the number of guests you will have playing in the snow. Maybe a larger size would be better.

Ice Express has a lot of customers that split their order into 2 or 3 areas, for smaller children, bigger kids and one for adult fun.

6.) How much can I buy?
Ice Express is capable of supplying any amount of snow you need! We have done jobs of over 300,000 pounds and are waiting for someone to order the “ONE MILLION POUNDS of SNOW ORDER”. However, we do specialize in much smaller orders.

7.) What is your minimum order?
Our Minimum order of snow to be blown on site is 4,000 pounds within a 20-mile radius of Ice Express.

8.) Does Ice Express go out of Houston?
YES, it depends on timing what the price and delivery charge will be. That means the time of the year and day of the week and active jobs we have at that time period. We travel to Austin, Dallas, and other locations. Out of town jobs are priced considering the amount of snow, timing, and distance.

9.) How can I get more information?
Email: and ask him your questions
Ice Express offers FREE SITE VISITS in the Houston area.
View the fun on YouTube.

10.) How to order?
IMPORTANT: In December our workload, before Christmas, is so heavy that our minimum orders on Saturdays are 20,000 pounds & up. On Fridays and Sundays, 10,000 pounds is the minimum. The rest of the days 4,000 pounds. Sorry but we have limited equipment and we blow some very large orders for churches, schools and special events in December.

Order as soon as you can so we can tell you if we are available on that day and time.

What we will need:

  • Your name & person responsible for the job & phone numbers
  • Location name and address with zip code (map if hard to find)
  • Date and time (is the date and time flexible?)
  • Event description and number of people and ages
  • Amount of snow wanted
  • Site visit desired ………… When (approx.) ………… (we call first)
  • Would you be interested in renting a new snowflake machine or having artificial snow decorations inside and out? This includes a “Hold Harmless” clause for our insurance company. A deposit of $100.00 is required (unless the job merits more deposit or prepayment) also what prepayment method will be used for the remaining balance. Also in this agreement, if Ice Express is late for any reason you can get your deposit refunded or we will blow the snow at the agreed on price. Service Agreement (contract) and deposit will be expected within 30 days of the site visit or 30 days before the event. FINAL PAYMENT MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE START of the snow blowing. Cash (not preferred) Credit Card or Debit or Check. Credit card or debit payment must be made in advance. Ice Express has no control over the weather and neither do you. We ask that you keep in touch by phone and let us know how you feel about it. It is no problem to cancel to another day or do you want to wait until the day of your party and decide. We are flexible to a point. If you let us know before we have our equipment and personnel ready to go on the job or if we both agree to come out and then see if it is OK to Blow.THINGS YOU CAN DO:
  • Put up a tent
  • Move to a covered area

12.) Can I cancel and get my deposit back?
Only in December will the deposit be kept and only if we cannot book that time again! **An example of this would be: If you canceled for a Friday in December for 1 pm and we can rebook that time with another job because you let us know in advance (usually 2 weeks), your deposit will be refunded. If we cannot rebook that time your deposit will not be refunded.

Other times a 2 weeks’ notice will get your deposit back unless Ice Express had to order EXTRA PRODUCTS for your event and that will have to be discussed.

13.) What can I do to make the snow last longer?
COVER it with a tarp when not in use or when it rains or if the wind is blowing strong.

** A lot of people have large plastic tarps at home for camping or covering. Large tarps are also available at Wal-Mart, Academy or Home Depot at a reasonable price.

Put the snow in the shade or away from direct sunlight.

14.) When the snow becomes “PACKED” what can I do?
Snow becomes packed from playing on it. Use a heavy garden rake to churn and fluff your snow again.

You can use a: MOTORIZED TILLER” to fluff it up
(Make sure your rake or tiller is clean or it will make the snow look dirty)

15.) Will I be charged sales tax?
YES, unless we are provided the proper tax exemption info before your event. That is the Texas sales tax law.

A State of Texas Tax Exemption Certificate filled out and
Faxed to: 713-649-3484 Email:

16.) Discounts?
Our prices are kept as low as they can be kept and keep up our equipment, personnel, and services. The larger the order the more people, equipment and actual work it takes.

17.) Donations?
Ice Express and our supplier Reddy Ice DO NOT DONATE as it would be unfair to all of the worthy causes that are available. We try to keep our prices low enough to make snow available for as many as possible. Thank you!

18.) Sponsors?
More and more companies are becoming aware that a snow party is available. Ice Express offers a free DVD or you can visit our website so you can present this to a sponsor and show them a snow party.

Some groups have great success with sponsors helping pay for Snow. Some examples are:

  • Corporations
  • Businesses
  • Grocery Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Home Builders
  • Legal Professionals
  • Car Dealers

Have A Winter Fun Snow Party!

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