We Can Create Fun Snow Slides

Give us enough space and we can create snow slides that generate fun memories for life.

Making memories that will last a lifetime

Call all your friends and family and let us help create some great memories.

One Slide Design

Bring on the fun for hours!

Double Slide Design

How about double the fun for hours!

XL 2 Lane Snow Slide in action

Footprint 8’ Wide X 7’ Tall X 35’ Long

Great for public events. Fun for all Ages. Snow sleds included. All we need is you to complete the fun


Large 1 Lane Snow Slide in action

Footprint 6’ Wide X 8’ Tall 35’ Long.

Great for older kids and adults, or if you have the daring type

Small Snow Slide

The Small snow slide footprint 5’ Wide X 5’ Tall X 25’ Long

Requires 5,000 lbs. of snow

Add a little fun snow party! Snow slides are a BLAST! We have several sizes to choose from

Snow Party Agreements

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For more information about snow slides please call 713-941-7733 or click here to request more information.

Have A Winter Fun Snow Party!

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